Gold Express Mines, Inc.

Gold Express Mines is a multi-asset mineral resource company focused primarily on the acquisition, exploration, evaluation and development of precious metal properties.

About Gold Express Mines, Inc.

The Company has properties it owns in California and Idaho and has optioned additional properties in Arizona, Colorado and Nevada.

At the conclusion of the option agreements and assuming an acquisition of all of the optioned properties, Gold Express Mines expects to have eight properties in Nevada, five properties in California, two properties in Idaho, two properties in Arizona, and one property in Colorado.

Grand Reef Property Summary

The Company’s focus project in the State of California is located in eastern San Bernardino County and is called the Grand Reef property.
The Grand Reef Prospect exhibits the potential for bulk-style tonnages of gold-silver ore with accessory values in copper, lead and molybdenum. The “reef” consists of a zone of hydrothermally altered siliceous rock embracing a prolific network of quartz and calcite veins. The country rock is composed of a series of pre-Cambrian gneisses.

Underlying the “reef” is a granite of undetermined age which may be the source of the mineralization. Veins carry free-milling gold and silver in a ratio of approximately 1:9 gold to silver. Silver also occurs with galena and in discrete antimony minerals. Copper, lead, zinc and molybdenum are present in significant and yet undetermined amounts.

Other Properties

The Company will advance its other properties as follows:

  • Collection of and organization of all available historic data on each property.
  • Entry of data into geologic modeling software for further analysis.
  • Decision-making on the exploration path for each project.
  • Prioritizing each project for further work dependent on capital budgets.
  • Consideration of seeking joint venture partners or sales of leases of some of the projects after the above analysis has been undertaken.


Of the eighteen properties the Company currently controls we expect that we will designate seven properties as core projects, three of the projects will be inventoried for future work, three of the projects will be joint ventured, and the remainder of the properties will be sold or leased to other companies.   

Officers and Directors

Background on management of the company

Exploration Process

Designed to acquire projects of merit


Properties the Company currently controls

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