Gold Express Mines, Inc. (“Gold Express” or the “Company”) is very pleased to provide its shareholders and interested parties information about recent exceptional drill results from its first pass of drilling at the Kris Project located in Plumus County, California.

Drilling at the project commenced on October 5, 2022 and was completed on October 21, 2022. All reclamation work required by the permit was also finished by the end of October.

The results from the drilling were exceptional and exceeded the expectations of the Company. Each of the three holes had very good gold results. The highlights of the drilling were as follows:

Drill hole K22C-1 had a total depth of 417.5 feet and had an interval of ten feet (from 235-245′) that ran 0.445 ounces per ton gold gold;

Drill hole K22C-2 had a total depth of 318.0 feet and had an interval of fifteen feet (from 245-260′) that ran 0.340 ounces per ton gold gold;

Drill hole K22C-3 had a total depth of 352.0 feet and had an interval of fifteen feet (from 270-285′) that ran 0.246 ounces per ton gold gold.

The true width intervals of each of the above have not yet been calculated but will be circulated in a future news release.

These drill results indicate that a high-grade gold system is present on the property which may be amenable to underground mining. The indicated widths of the mineralized intervals were very good and highly positive for a potential future operation.

The Company is currently preparing a new plan of operations for the Forest Service to be filed this winter for an expanded round of drilling to occur next drill season.

About The Kris Project Gold
Plumus County, California
The Kris Project is under lease with longtime exploration geologist Robert Wetzel of Arroya Grande, CA. Mr. Wetzel has over 40 years of experience conducting exploration and development of mineral projects in the Western United States and internationally.

The Company entered into a lease with purchase option on four of Mr. Wetzel’s properties in August of this year. All of the projects are located in California and the Kris Project is one of the four. The terms of the lease option call for paying all of the annual claim fees on the projects, payment of an annual lease payment of $10,000 which covers all of the projects, and with a buyout option for all four projects of $100,000. All of the lease payments apply to the purchase if the Company elects to exercise its option.

About The Kris Project
The property package at the Kris Project consists of 79 unpatented mining claims covering about 1580 acres that contain much of the best part of a 10-mile-long gold belt that historically produced over 250,000 ounces of gold from the 1850s to the 1940s.

Project logistics are excellent with abundant Forest Service roads and past drill roads. The Project lies very near paved highway, and a few miles to rail siding, and power lines.

The Company is targeting a high-grade underground resource at the bottom of the past-producing Clear Creek Mine pit. Surface sampling suggests a mineralized zone 1500’ long and 30’ wide and unknown depth. Many other similar targets are indicated along the 10-mile-long thrust fault zone.

Mineralization is a classic orogenic thrust fault-related or Mother Lode-type deposit with excellent potential for ore-grade mineral to extend thousands of feet below the historical production from the open pit.

The Company looks forward to further drilling at the site next spring and providing further updates on the Kris Project as they become available.

About Gold Express Mines, Inc
Gold Express Mines is a US-based, multi-commodity mining company focused on the discovery, development and production of precious and base metal assets and focused on historic mining districts and other known mineralized areas.

Gold Express Mines prioritizes sustainability in its operations. We will utilize best practices to ensure that the economic, social and environmental impacts of our projects are in harmony with the goals and desires of the local towns, regions, and indigenous organizations where we operate.

Our aim is to be a part of a new era of low-impact, socially responsible mining which provides an abundance of newly mined metals critical to our nation’s security, economic growth, and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Certain information in this press release may contain forward-looking statements. This information is based on current expectations that are subject to significant risks and uncertainties that are difficult to predict. Actual results might differ materially from results suggested in any forward-looking statements. The Company assumes no obligation to update the forward-looking statements, or to update the reasons why actual results could differ from those reflected in the forward-looking statements unless and until required by securities laws applicable to the Company.