La Paz County, AZ



  • A drilling program has been developed which will focus first on the higher-grade zones identified by Stan Keith.
  • Drill permit granted Spring 2023 and is fully bonded.
  • Property is a mineral lease with purchase option with Precious Metals LLC of Denver, CO.
  • Potential is for 750,000 ounces of open-pit mineralization.

Sierra County, CA



  • Historic operators delineated 189,000 ounces Au in 6.6 million tons.
  • The Company has obtained and evaluated recently acquired data and enlarged the land position to ~800 acres in order to capture the entire historic resource.

Gila County, AZ

Mineral Creek

aka Big Penny Bear


  • Past historical drilling and sampling indicated substantial zones of copper and gold. Over 2,000 feet of drilling was performed.
    • Historic drill sampling results of 1% Cu or greater and 0.25 opt Au.
  • Five vein structures from 10- to 55-feet-wide averaging 1.98% copper with gold/silver values, and two 5-foot sections assayed ~0.45 opt gold.

Cascade County, MT



  • Past production from high-grade silver veins with associated base metals and gold down-dip and along strike on veins historically mined.
    • Typical grades were 15-20 opt Ag and 10% combined base metal content.
  • Targets include remnant high-grade veins as well as bulk-minable disseminated deposits described in a past geologic report.
  • Hecla Mining sampling in the 1980s confirmed potential for bulk tonnages.
  • Project consists of patented mining claims for easier and faster permitting.
  • Intensive surface sampling program, geologic reconnaissance and first phase of IP geophysical surveys completed October 2021.
  • Initial 15-drillhole exploration program is scheduled for August 2022 with permitting to be completed around Q2 2022.

Mohave County, AZ

Artillery Peak


  • Wide fairway and strike of sheeted gold vein system.
  • Past historical drilling and sampling indicated substantial zones of ore grade and anomalous gold.
  • Historic trench sampling results of greater than 0.25 opt Au.
  • Mineralization is hosted in a 750-meter x 450-meter fairway giving potential for a substantial gold resource.
  • Drill permit approved and bonded March 2022.
  • Chip sampling results yielded gold numbers with multiple 1+ opt assays from vein outcrops and stockwork zones.



Beaverhead County, MT

Yellow Band


  • The Yellow Band Project is in the well-known historical Argenta Mining District.
  • The Yellow Band consists of 175 unpatented mining claims.
    • The initial 17 claims were consolidated by a single landowner beginning in 1934 – and were kept in good standing ever since that time.
    • In 2002, three more claims were added. 
    • In 2021, Gold Express Mines staked an additional 155 claims.
  • GEM has a 7-year term lease with an option to purchase. 
  • The Yellow Band provides a unique opportunity with existing drilled resources. An additional upside exists to expand the resource along a 5-mile strike.
  • Existing Historic Mineral Resource estimates (all categories) range from 1.2 MT at 0.378 opt Au to 1.9 MT at 0.283 opt Au with silver credit of ~2.7 opt Ag.
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