Project Description

Location, Access and Description

The Kris project in Placer County, California is located on Forest Service land in the Plumas National Forest. Access is from Chester, travel 13.3 miles southeast on State Highway 89, then turn right (southwest) on Wolf Creek Road for approximately 0.84 miles, then turn right (south) onto Fox road and travel for approximately 1.5 miles, which will take you to the historic open pit mine and the center of the project. These roads are open year-round, but the Wolf Creek and Fox roads are unimproved Forest Service roads which are not maintained during the winter. The Company currently holds 6 placer claims, and 73 federal unpatented mining claims on the project; 56 covering the historic Kris mine and 17 along strike to the southeast covering portions of the historic Cherokee mine.

A Brief History and Future Plans

Historic mining has occurred on both claim blocks beginning in the late 19th century. Kris was mined using modern open pit methods beginning in 1984, and 56,250 oz of gold was recovered from 885,209 tons of rock through heap leaching. In 2022 The Company drilled 3 diamond exploration holes, all from one pad, down dip on the thrust fault from the top of the open pit with excellent results. All three holes encountered mineralization, with 10’ at a grade of 15.2 g/t Au, 10’ at a grade of 15.8 g/t Au, and 15’ at a grade of 8.43 g/t Au respectively. The Company currently has a valid drill permit to continue drilling from the same pad and is planning to permit additional drill pads to expand the exploration footprint of the target area.