Artillery Peak (AZ)

Artillery Peak


The Artillery Peak gold prospect in western Arizona is located approximately 37 miles east of Lake Havasu, Arizona and 56 miles south of Kingman, Arizona. The Company controls the project through a lease with an underlying owner and through the staking of additional unpatented lode claims.

Geology, Mineralization and Exploration Work:

Artillery Peak is an untested, high-grade vein system hosted within Precambrian granite. The granite has been intruded by diabase and rhyolite dikes, which are generally oriented parallel to the primary structures. The structural fabric is low-angle, dips to the west and serves as the primary control for the gold mineralization.

To better define the drill targets a detailed soil sampling survey was conducted by past operators with the collection of 657 samples which were analyzed for gold. The results are available to the Company and show a well constrained gold-in-soil anomaly which measures 750×450 meters and surrounds the known vein systems.

The Company acquired Artillery Peak via a lease agreement in November 2021 and then completed a field sampling program in February 2022. The results of the Company sampling are tabulated below.

Upon reviewing the historical data and project field results, the Company began permitting a drilling and trenching plan of operations with the BLM which was approved in March 2022. An initial reverse-circulation drilling program consisting of 10-15 shallow drill holes will begin in 2024.