Project Description

Location and Access

The Aurum Project is a gold property on USFS and BLM land 35 miles northeast of Ely, Nevada. Access is via unimproved dirt roads that lead directly to the claims. Maintained dirt and gravel roads are 3 miles east. 

Geology and Mineralization

Silver-lead ores were discovered in the Aurum district in 1871. Larger development began on the Lucky Deposit with the construction of a stamp mill in the 1880s. Copper was first mined at the upper workings in 1913. Production records are incomplete but state that approximately 1,000 tons of ore was produced averaging 7% Cu, 5 opt Ag, and .02 opt Au. However, further development was limited after World War I. Combined Metals Inc. acquired the property in 1951 and performed extensive sampling, trenching and drilling in the 1950s.The ore bodies that were mined are replacement deposits in limestones near faults, and quartzites along fault zones. Intrusive igneous rocks outcrop near almost all the mineralized areas. 

The above results are historical in nature and need to be confirmed independently by the Company.