Project Description

Cerro Blanco Project Highlights:

  • One of the highest-grade and biggest deposits of natural, hard rock rutile known in the world;
  • Excellent location: consolidated mining district, approx. 1,000 meters altitude, close to shore, good climate, neighboring other mining cities;
  • Open pit mining, with favorable strip ratios;
  • Projected total rutile recoveries exceeding 80%
  • High concentrate grade, premium quality, low impurity level
  • Mineralization characteristics easy to identify on site
  • A Preliminary company-prepared NPV of the Project based on an update of past throughput models and cost assumptions and updating rutile pricing to current levels produces an NPV8 = $208MM
  • The Company believes the ROR of the Project can be improved further through improved recoveries due to new recently developed metallurgical technologies, and through follow-up drilling of known higher-grade, start-up feed sources.

Additional Project Highlights

  • Excellent level of development and technical support, with over 26,000 meters of drilling and top of the line metallurgical testwork for design, including pilot plant testing and engineering studies
  • Good access to roads and very close to high quality energy supplies
  • The Port of Huasco is 26 km away
  • Low environmental impact, with high standards for pollution mitigation
  • Multiple options exist to obtain water for the project
  • In a mining friendly region which is designated as a preferred area for mineral development