Project Description

Property Location and Access

The Collom Project in Gila County, Arizona is located on USFS land in the Tonto National Forest. Access is from Payson, travel 4 miles south on State Highway 87 then turn right (west) on USFS Road 537 and go 5 miles to Thompson Draw and take the Cypress Thicket Road (FS 414) north for 1 mile and turn left on FS 442, Rock Creek. Follow this 4WD road for 3.3 miles to the Rock Creek Trail Head. Access to the Collom Project is available year-round. 

Geology, Mineralization, and Exploration Work Plans

Collom is underlain by Payson Ophiolite that includes volcanics, sheeted dike swarms, diorite, gabbro and tonalite. This lies on a basement complex of granitic rocks that include felsic volcanics and volcaniclastic rocks. The district is highly fractured and faulted with fissures with auriferous quartz veins. High grade, free milling gold was initially mined above the water table. 

The veins are polymetallic with primarily copper, lead, gold and silver. The Company has completed a geophysical survey as well as several extensive sampling programs on this property. The presence of multiple samples of high-grade silver and copper warrant further follow-up and possibly drilling.