Nine Group (ID)



  • The Company maintains 14 unpatented mining claims in the Nine Group project designated the NGE claims, along with 17 patented claims.
  • The property is a Silver-Valley type lead-zinc-silver target located in the historic Nine Mile area of the Silver Valley in Idaho.

Location and Access

Located in Shoshone County, Idaho, the property is accessed from the town of Wallace by traveling north on Nine Mile Creek Road for 3.1 miles, then taking a slight left onto West Fork Nine Mile Creek Road and continuing north for 1 mile.

Geology, Mineralization, and Exploration

The Nine Group project is a Silver-Valley-type lead-zinc-silver vein target located in the historic Nine Mile area of the Silver Valley.

One area of historic workings, the Treasure Vault, which is part of this project, is approximately 0.8 miles northwest of and on trend with the Success Mine, which is a significant historic producer in the district.  Further east along the same trend are more significant producing mines including the Standard-Mammoth, Tiger-Poorman, and Hecla (not part of this project).

The Nine Mile Project is hosted in the Prichard Formation, the upper portions of which have been a significant source of ore, particularly zinc ore, in the Silver Valley. The Success Mine is also hosted within the Prichard Formation.  On the west side of the Nine Mile project, the Dobson Pass fault cuts the project in a northeast direction.  The fault is estimated to have 15,000 feet of offset and places the Wallace Formation, which is much higher in the stratigraphy, adjacent to the Prichard which hosts the ore in nearby mines.

There are multiple shear zones exposed in historic workings, although none show economic widths of mineralization in exposed areas. Work performed by the Company in 2022 includes geologic mapping, an induced-polarization geophysical survey, 49 soil samples, and one 310-foot diamond exploration drill hole. The drill hole did not encounter economic grades of mineralization, although it did intersect the projection of one of the potentially mineralized structures. The soil samples showed anomalous levels of certain base metals, and the geophysical survey identified anomalous areas as well.

Exploration Work and Potential

The Company plans to compile all data that has been collected so far into one comprehensive 3-D model and evaluate additional potential drill targets.

Claim Name BLM Serial # Date of Location
NGE 1 ID105787886 7/20/22
NGE 2 ID105787887 7/20/22
NGE 3 ID105787888 7/20/22
NGE 4 ID105787889 7/20/22
NGE 5 ID105787890 7/20/22
NGE 6 ID105787891 7/20/22
NGE 7 ID105787892 7/20/22
NGE 20 ID105787905 7/26/22
NGE 21 ID105787906 7/26/22
NGE 22 ID105787907 7/29/22
NGE 23 ID105787908 7/29/22
NGE 24 ID105787909 7/29/22
NGE 25 ID105787910 7/29/22
NGE 26 ID105787911 7/29/22
Claim Name Parcel #
Continental Fraction MS 1962 (Parcel 1)
Fern MS 1962 (Parcel 1)
Milwaukee MS 1962 (Parcel 1)
Ruth MS 1962 (Parcel 1)
Sunday Morning MS 1962 (Parcel 1)
Bland MS 2293 (Parcel 2)
Topeka MS 2255 (Parcel 3)
Anna MS 1651 (Parcel 4)
Boer MS 1651 (Parcel 4)
Mall MS 1651 (Parcel 4)
Pierce MS 1651 (Parcel 4)
Speckled Trout MS 1651 (Parcel 4)
Yankee Girl MS 1963 (Parcel 5)
Mingo Chief MS 1960 (Parcel 6)
Free Coinage MS 1836 (Parcel 7)
Treasure Vault MS 1352 (Parcel 8)
Zan MS 3152

Nine Group Project