Project Description

Location and Access

The Nyala Project is on USFS land in the Humboldt National Forest. Access to the property is from Tonopah by driving south on State Highway 375 for 48 miles, then turning left (east) on the Railroad Valley Road for 22 miles to the ghost town of Nyala. GEM’s Nyala project is 2 miles south of the Nyala townsite. The property is accessible year-round. 

Geology, Mineralization and History

Cambrian limestones and dolomites are cut by gold and silver bearing quartz veins and fault zones. Some of the limestones have been heavily silicified. The structures strike northeast to northwest and dip steeply; vein thicknesses vary but are generally less than four feet. Granitic dikes have intruded the limestones forming marble and localized skarns. Arsenopyrite is common, and sometimes occurs with sphalerite and galena. Oxidized and leached sulfides have formed gossans. 

The first discovery occurred in 1911 and a small production of 40 tons containing about 0.5 opt gold and 60 opt silver is documented. Intermittent mining took place until the late 1920s. It is likely that the distance from other mining districts and ore processing facilities hindered development. In the 1980s the USGS conducted extensive sampling and surveying of the property. The Company is researching the locations of this data for analysis by the Company.