Project Description

Additional highlights:

  • 2021 Work Program:
    • Intense geologic mapping
    • Intensive sampling of the vein zones
    • Widespread sampling and soil surveys
  • 2021-2022 Drill Program:
    • Initial 1,800-foot drill program on identified vein system targets completed February 2022.
      • 3 out of 4 shallow drill holes reached the target.
      • Drilling was hampered by unusually harsh weather and difficult ground conditions.
      • Initial sample results showed weak copper and gold mineralization.
  • Company will undertake a broader sample program and look for other cross-cutting structures to account for the high surface samples.
  • Potential epithermal gold system.

Project Location, Access and Description

The Palmetto North Project is in Esmeralda County, NV approximately 16 miles southwest of Silver Peak. Access is south from Tonopah on the Silver Peak Road to Silver Peak then across the Clayton Valley for approximately 15 miles. The properties are accessible year-round on unimproved roads. 

The claim group comprises two separate locations, Birch Creek Spring (16 claims) and the McNamara Mine (4 claims). The two claim groups are 2/3 of a mile apart. Claims were initially staked at Birch Creek Spring in 1880, but it was not until 1903 that development began on the property. Several prospect pits, one 40-foot shaft and one 30-foot incline were the extent of the mining. 

The McNamara Mine was also located in 1880 and developed for silver-lead ore with considerable production in the next couple decades. A stamp mill was erected in 1920. Ore was said to average 5-15 opt silver and 5-10% lead. The mine was closed in the 1920s due to the low price of lead. These results are historical and will need to be independently confirmed by the Company.

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